Varta DIN MF - Silver Dynamic Batteries

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Guaranteed starting and reliable power
Long life due to AGM and PowerFrame technology
Original equipment quality
Leak proof and spill-proof

Brand: Varta

Varta DIN MF - Silver Dynamic Batteries

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Item No. Part No. Short Code V Ah Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Price
V001|5524010523162 552401 C6 12 52 207 175 175
V001|5634000613162 563400 D15 12 63 242 175 190
V001|5744020753162 574402 E38 12 74 278 175 175
V001|5774000783162 577400 E44 12 77 278 175 190
V001|5852000803162 585200 F18 12 85 315 175 175
V001|6004020833162 600402 H3 12 100 353 175 190
V001|6104020923162 610402 I1 12 110 393 175 190
A benchmark for battery quality in the automotive industry, VARTA are known for optimum power, performance, reliability, and cost-efficiency.

VARTA Dynamic: high-quality batteries for modern driving conditions and cars of all types and classes, from top-of-the-range sports cars to diesels, new cars, and older, smaller vehicles. VARTA Dynamic product series include VARTA Silver Dynamic, Blue Dynamic and Black Dynamic.

VARTA Silver Dynamic for cars with above-average electrical consumers, especially diesels;

VARTA Blue Dynamic for new and nearly new cars of all classes; and

VARTA Black Dynamic for older, smaller vehicles with lower electrical requirements.

VARTA Promotive: high-performance batteries for the special challenges of commercial vehicles, robust power even after prolonged rest periods; and extreme vibration resistance. VARTA Promotive product range cover Promotive Silver, Promotive Blue and Promotive Black.

Promotive Silver for excellent performance around the clock;

Promotive Blue for robust power when it is needed; and Promotive Black for older HCVs and those with lower energy requirements.


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