Bosch BEA850 Emission Analysis Tester

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Item No: 0684120090

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Bosch BEA850 Emission Analysis Tester

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A variable system for gasoline and diesel vehicles

Testing and minimizing pollutant emissions with modular measurement technology – in accordance with the latest legislation and with high measurement accuracy.

˙ Integrated on-board diagnostics (OBD) with ECU diagnostics testers of the KTS series (KTS 570 / 540 / 530 wireless or 515)
˙ Integrated on a workshop-compatible trolley
˙ 4-gas module with optional NO
˙ Very rapid response time
˙ Gas detectors with high measurement accuracy and long - term stability
˙ Simple equipment maintenance by workshop staff
˙ Network-compatible (integration in asanetwork)

Exhaust-gas test and diagnostics on a gasoline-engine vehicle

˙On-board diagnostics OBD
˙Gas values CO, CO2, O2, HC, lambda, NO (option)
˙ Lambda sensor voltage
˙ Speed measurement
˙ Oil temperature measurement
˙Multiple curves: Up to 6 measured variables can be shown simultaneously as a curve: CO, CO2, O2, HC, lambda, NO (option), speed, moment of ignition, dwell angle, oil temperature and battery voltage

Equipment supply 

Trolley, PC, keyboard, mouse, TFT monitor 19", inkjet printer, MTM extended, BDM 300, remote control, BEA 050, RTM 430, sensors (trigger clamp, passenger car temperature sensor, multipurpose test cable, emission test data and KTS 570 / KTS 540 wireless or KTS 515.

Order number

BEA 850 with KTS 570 & BDM 300 (Ger)
Order No.: 0684120090

BEA 850 with KTS 540 & BDM 300 (Ger)
Order No.: 0684120 089

BEA 850 with KTS 515 & BDM 300 (Ger)
Order No.: 0684120099

BEA 850 without KTS with BDM 300 (Ger)
Order No.: 0684120088

BEA 850 with KTS 5 
Order No.: 0684120085


Brand Bosch

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