Bosch BEA250 Emission Analysis Tester (Gasoline Engines)

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Bosch BEA250 Emission Analysis Tester (Gasoline Engines)

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Equipment supplied (設備供應)  BEA 150  BEA 250  BEA 350
Suitable for exhaust test on (適用於排氣測試) Diesel Engines
Gasoline Engines
Diesel & Gas Engines
Operating and display unit  (操作和顯示單元)
PC keyboard  (PC鍵盤)
Trolley (手推車)
Software process (country-specific) 
Vehicle database (車輛數據庫)
Connection cable B+ / B– (連接電纜 B+/B-)
Oil temperature sensor, cars (油溫度傳感器,汽車)
Smoke opacity measuring module RTM 430, with car hose and sensor
✔  –  ✔ 
Exhaust measurement module BEA 050, including hose and sensor
 ✔  ✔
IR remote control (IR搖距控制) ✔  –   ✔
Brand Bosch

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